A route in the heart of an authentic Portugal
For the second leg of this 3rd Portugal Tour, the competitors took the road to Abrantes, for a fairly fast route punctuated by small traditional villages with houses carefully painted white often enhanced with bright colors.
Threatened with ignition problems, the BELIN / ARNAUD Alfa Romeo Coupé 2000, which left later in the morning, will be able to catch up with the caravan of the rally before the first race of the day which took place on a narrower and tortuous stretch of road. . It is in an alternation of areas of abundant crops and wooded areas that the FARE / BARRE team imposes itself at the wheel of their Porsche Boxter 718S in the Prestige category.

After visiting the historic monuments of Abrantes and lunch organized in the heights, the competitors then went through a selection of winding roads, punctuated by valleys heavily wooded or still clinging to traditional villages.
The second test of regularity established in a massive with numerous turns, pushed the competitors to be vigilant on these roads lined with trees and sometimes littered with dead leaves. The crew SCHARF / SCHARF, author of a perfect performance, wins the special and confirms their presence on the provisional podium of the Classic category.

The competitors then crossed an immense eucalyptus forest to climb the pass of Lousa, a large nature reserve before arriving at the incredible Palacio de Busaco, a masterpiece of Baroque and Rococo architecture where we stay at the end of the year.
We look forward to meeting you tomorrow for the third leg, which will feature Arganil as a starter and Serra de Estrela as a main course!

Ranking stage 2

Classic category

● 1- E. PARADA / J. COSTA (BMW 2002 Tii)
● 2- P. BELIN / T. ARNAUD (Alfa Roméo Coupe 2000)
● 3- JM. SCHARF / C. SCHARF (Jaguar XK140)
Prestige category

● 1- JM. FARE / A. BARRE (Porsche 718S)
● 2- P. ALMAVY / C. ALMAVY (Porsche 911)
● 3- B. PAPE / C. PAPE (Porsche 997)
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