Leaving Viseu, the competitors started the stage with a beautiful route with valleys and bridges spanning small rivers to the Cavales Natural Park. Everyone was then able to discover a series of panoramas for a dive in a bucolic Portugal made of forests adorned with autumnal colors and small villages of stone until the start of the final regularity event of the Rally.
This last appointment with the clock was short but proposed a high average and a change of direction to decide between the last places on the final podium. The SCHARF / SCHARF crews on Jaguar XK140 and COLETTE / COLETTE on Porsche 964 are in the Classic and Prestige categories respectively.

Once this event was over, the competitors left full east, to the cellar of the Oscar Quevedo estate where they could enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding vineyards and a wine tasting.
The rally then followed the Douro River and its stepped vineyards until the lunch which took place in the magnificent “Six Senses”, which became a point of passage for the Portugal Tour. It is unfortunately at this moment that the Alfa Romeo de BELIN / ARNAUD had to give up due to engine heating problems.

The Yeatman Hotel, also a must in the Rally program now welcomes participants before the evening promises to be festive with the presence of a local folk group for the cocktail, the awards dinner and the night activities of the city. from Porto that will be offered to us.

Ranking stage 3

Classic category

1- E. PARADA / J. COSTA (BMW 2002Tii)
2- JM. SCHARF / C. SCHARF (Jaguar XK140)
3- X. LAIN / O. DAYNAC (Porsche 914/6)
Prestige category

1- JM. FARE / A. BARRE (Porsche 718S)
2- B. PAPE / C. PAPE (Porsche 997)
3- P. JEHLEN / M. JEHLEN (McLaren 720S)
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