Concept and organization

Concept & Organization of the Rally


Rallies, often too dedicated to the mere pleasure of driving, generally do not allow you to dwell on the splendor of the surrounding landscapes and of the places crossed by competitors and their cars.
This is why CNP has been offering you a test under the sign of culture and tourism since 2017 with Portugal as a destination with a still very mild climate in November.

Portugal Tour:
a regularity, cultural & tourist rally

Portugal has become a country highly prized by many lovers of culture, traditions and history.
The road network including the secondary network is in excellent condition and this is why Cyril Neveu Promotion has decided to organize a regularity rally there, the primary goal of which is to mix driving pleasure in short special stages and tourism, in adding quality cultural activities.

Long before being a sacred land of rallies since the 70s, Portugal and its long facade bathed by the Atlantic, were an incentive to great explorations, thanks to this maritime fascination which made its world famous.


The route of the” Portugal Tour “will take you through landscapes of great beauty, to the meeting fascinating palaces and castles, lasting memories of a long history built by many external influences.

CNP has selected its stages in exceptional places and hotels where luxury, culture and heritage will leave you with a fragrance of authenticity, magnificent memories and a real feeling of change of scenery and time travel.